Disaster Recovery

Case Study – Disaster Recovery/Capacity Plan


A global pharmaceutical manufacturing company needed to develop a disaster recovery/ capacity plan for two of its U.S. distribution operations.  The two distribution facilities within the scope of this assignment contained a variety of product lines, including climate controlled SKUs that were shipped to multiple channel partners.

Project Scope

Further develop the existing disaster recovery plan and deployment methodology for all occurrences that would impact the delivery of any portion of the product line to customers.  The range of solutions would include identification of the impact and notification process for all internal and external stakeholders that would be affected by a type and magnitude of natural or man-made disaster.

Research, identify, and document elements of the facilities including (but not limited to) the following categories:

  1. Mechanical storage and handling systems
  2. Information Systems
  3. Labor and space requirements
  4. Dock throughput
  5. Natural disasters’ effects on inventory

Fine tune the current space, capacity and inventory requirements plan for the network in case of a disaster:

  1. Immediate requirements and action plan
  2. Short-term requirements and action plan


The client is currently implementing the various elements of the recommended plan.