Jack Kuchta cited in recent publications (Update)

November 6, 2009 1 comment

Jack Kuchta was recently quoted in:

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Creating a partial pallet area can reduce travel time and improve productivity

November 3, 2009 24 comments

Jack KuchtaJack Kuchta recently wrote the following article in Distribution Center Management:

All warehouse have partial pallets occupying full pallet positions.  For some warehouses, this may be no more than a statistical element in calculating warehouse utilization if the facility is operating comfortably below its maximum effective working capacity.  When the warehouse is nearly full, however, partial pallets can have an impact.  It may be useful to compare the cost of relocating material to the cost of keeping the partial pallet in place.  The three principal factors in the calculation are:

  • The partial pallet turnover time
  • The cost of relocation
  • The daily cost of pallet relocation

To read the entire article published in Distribution Center Management, click here for their featured article list.  Or simply click here to download the article in PDF format.