Rack opening size

August 19, 2009 No comments yet

Whenever you make changes that increase the spacing between beams in pallet rack, go back to your rack supplier and make sure that the changes will not reduce the weight capacity of the rack system.  This is particlarly important if the bottom level is enlarged.

The Economy Part II.

August 11, 2009 No comments yet

Today, August 11, the Census Bureau released the July Wholesales Trade Report for June.  It shows that for the first time since June 2008, sales have increased over the prior month.  While not up to the levels of 2008, it is a positive sign.  At the same time, inventories have continued to decline at an increasing rate. This puts the sales-to-inventory ratio at close to the level of mid 2008 and below slightly lower than 2006-07.  If sales activity continues to rise, we should expect a rapid wholesale inventory correct to keep pace and maintain retail inventories.

I need more space!

August 7, 2009 2 comments

Before you go looking for more space, be sure that you are using what you have well.  The first place to look for space is slow moving inventory.  Rank every SKU in storage by turns.  Start at the bottom of the list and ruthlessly evaluate the value of keeping the inventory.  Seek the help of the company’s total management team in these decisions.  Every SKU eliminated is one more position available for active product.  And once you have a process in place, do this review at least once a year.