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Mezzanines can be very effect means of adding work space in a facility if they are used correctly.
1. Be sure that the building is high enough to accommodate a mezzanine. Remember that under the mezzanine you need space for lighting, sprinklers and air handling.
2. Plan to put operations on the mezzanine that are largely self supporting. Moving material up and down takes space, and staff.
3. Heat travels up so build in the HVAC systems to move that air away from where people will be working
4. Plan the task on the mezzanine with ADA compliance in mind.

Pallet Rack sizing.

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There are a number of factors that must be considered when establishing the size of rack uprights and beams. The upright depth is driven by the pallet size and the insertion depth. Rack is rated with the presumption that the pallet stringer or box supports rest on the beam. The typical design works with a three inch overhang of the pallet front and back. This provides a safety margin for the driver when placing the pallet. Having the face of the pallet flush with the beam creates a risk that on pick up, the driver may accidentally push the pallet in back of the beam and allow the backrest inside the rack opening. If the pallet is lifted in this position, there is a danger that the backrest will contact the beam above and dislodge it leading to a collapse of that beam and a falling pallet.
When multiple pallet sizes are anticipated, it may be appropriate to use more than one upright size if decking and/or pallet support bars can not assure that the pallet weight is properly transferred to the beams.

Sisko and others to speak at Virtual Conference

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The supply chain group is presenting

Materials Handling Warehouse & Distribution Center Best Practices Virtual Conference

Join Modern Materials Handling (Modern) Group Editorial Director Michael Levans, Executive Editor Bob Trebilcock, and a select group of materials handling analysts, consultants, and practitioners as they share a new set of fundamental warehouse/DC management best practices that are helping supply chain professionals better target their investments in an effort to reduce handling costs, improve facility operations, and increase overall productivity.
Sign up at:

Geoff Sisko to present seminar

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Once again WERC is sponsoring the seminar “Maximizing Warehouse Space, The Key to Productivity” on Monday, November 8 and Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at the  Doubletree Hotel Chicago/Oak Brook, Oak Brook, IL

To get more information about the content go to the WERC website

Geoff Sisko on preparing for economic recovery

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Geoff was interviewed for the “Supply Chain Brain” regarding his round table discussion at the WERC conference.  view the interview at

 it will require that you register at the site, but it’s worth it, there’s a lot of information that is being sent out to registrants.


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Training is important if you want to have consistent results.  For training to be effective you most have a training manual with full descriptions for each task.  This is what the teacher should use for each instruction session.  The common practice of having a new hire work with a more seasoned staff member does not assure that the process will be executed the same way that you intended.  Furthermore, training needs to be tested and reinforced when necessary.  A significant part of every supervisor’s job is to observe how tasks are done and note how the individual performs in relation to the written method.  If what the employ is doing yield better results, change the written method and re-train the rest of the staff.  If the results are not better, re-train the employees.

Logistics Management January 2010

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Look for the comments by Geoff Sisko and me in “5 Low-Cost Warehouse Resolutions” in the January issue of Logistics Management.  It is also in the supplement to Modern Materials Management January 2010.  It present some low cost, quick to implement was to lower distribution costs in 2010.

Sisko presents “Maximizing Warehouse Space”

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Geoff presented his seminar “Maximizing Warehouse Space” in Chicago for WERC for the 27th time .  For information about future sessions go to

Geoff Sisko quoted in industry literature

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New Projects

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We have started a project to streamline returns processing for a Brooklyn 3PL.